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ReVibrancy was created as an unprecedented integrative holistic health approach offering clients a personalized complete health care delivery system using sound, vibrational and energy healing therapies such as Music Therapy, Rife Therapy and EAV/Avatar Bioenergetic Testing. Nutritional, herbal/supplemental and psycho/spiritual facilitation and physical therapeutic support also play a key role as we consider each element of a person's total health, environment, and lifestyle.  We seek to restore our client’s unique, natural balance that defines optimal health, and support them to develop self-care habits that maintain wellness and prevent disease. We actively partner with each person to provide them with a wide range of resources that empower them to consciously author their own wellness with well-researched, highly-effective tools, knowledge, hope, and support.


The key focus of ReVibrancy is to eradicate/eliminate dis-ease, educate, and restore true health and vibrancy in each client.


We invite you to experience true health care as it should be.

 • Warm and compassionate

 • Nurturing and comforting

 • Cooperative, supportive, and encouraging

 • Safe, effective, and based in good science


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