ReVibrancy was created as an unprecedented integrative holistic health approach offering clients a personalized complete health care delivery system using sound, vibrational and energy healing therapies such as Music Therapy, Rife Therapy and EAV/Avatar Bioenergetic Testing. Nutritional, herbal/supplemental and psycho/spiritual facilitation and physical therapeutic support also play a key role as we consider each element of a person's total health, environment, and lifestyle.  We seek to restore our client’s unique, natural balance that defines optimal health, and support them to develop self-care habits that maintain wellness and prevent disease. We actively partner with each person to provide them with a wide range of resources that empower them to consciously author their own wellness with well-researched, highly-effective tools, knowledge, hope, and support.


The key focus of ReVibrancy is to eradicate/eliminate dis-ease, educate, and restore true health and vibrancy in each client.


We invite you to experience true health care as it should be.

 • Warm and compassionate

 • Nurturing and comforting

 • Cooperative, supportive, and encouraging

 • Safe, effective, and based in good science


ReVibrancy Community

Dr. Amin Saab DSc

President and CEO, Saab Medical

Dr. Amin Saab is a researcher, inventor, scientist, engineer, businessman, investor, philanthropist, and community activist. Born in Lebanon, he is responsible for the successful start-up  and growth of businesses in the Middle East, UK, Canada, and the US. Awarded the prestigious Canadian Jubilee Award, Dr. Saab has several citations and awards from federal, provincial and local governments and organizations for his outstanding community  work and philanthropy. He has been honoured to be a public  ember by appointment by the Province of Ontario to first the Council of the College of Teachers then Council of the College of Medical Radiologists. As CEO of Saab Saab Medical, Dr. Saab is currently developing  several technologies with application from automotive, gas and crude oil industry, agriculture to medicine and humanity purposes which will have global impact from first world to developing countries  Dr. Saab holds five degrees including a Doctorate of Science in  Mechanical Engineering with Distinction from the College of  Applied Science in London, England.  He currently holds 24 patents or patents pending and over one hundred papers published Dr. Saab started Saab Medical in response to the dying wishes of his 14 year-old daughter who wanted him to help others through medical discoveries. He has held true to that promise through the creation of Saab Medical.  His worldwide contacts, engineering background, business acumen and heart for helping people proves that he is an exceptional man and outstanding global citizen.

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