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ReVibrancy Holistic Self-care Success Stories

Cindy Gouweloos, CIET, CECP, CBCP, CHMC

Energy Practitioner /

I am thrilled to provide this testimonial!
I spent 11 years working with another Holistic Practitioner to assist me with various pathogens and Lyme. My symptoms included: low immunity, fatigue, body pain, dizziness, ear and eye sensitivity, skin disruptions, weight gain, concentration issues, brain fog and tremors. This Practitioner had me taking various herbal remedies with little to no permanent resolution.  While herbs are wonderful cellular nutrition, I discovered pathogens are quite intelligent and without sound therapy they hide and mine did exactly that. The herbs I was taking were slowly causing the pathogens to morph and hide in my nervous system.
I had 3 clients within one week tell me about Don so I knew this was a sign to reach out to see what he might teach me.
I am an Energy Healing Practitioner using various tools to help release trapped energy in the body due to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health issues. Don calls it the “psycho/spiritual aspect” in each of us which is an excellent name for it. I've done a lot of successful release work on my mental, emotional and spiritual bodies however when it comes to the physical body the energy becomes dense and solidified.  Don not only identified that the pathogens were still present in my body, he showed me how I could use sound therapy to assist with them.  Working with my modalities, food nutrition and sound therapy I was able to overcome the pathogens.
Don is a Holistic Practitioner and with his background in Eastern, Western and First Nations Medicine, he has come to understand how pathogens act and how sound therapy can assist.  I have referred numerous clients, my husband and sister (who also had Lyme that was originally diagnosed 20 years ago as MS) who have restored their wellness with his expertise.
I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with pathogens to see Don and learn how sound therapy might assist.

Pauline Donaldson

Six years ago I contracted lyme disease and have been treating it ever since (both traditionally and holistically).  Last November, my journey crossed paths with Don Baker, a holistic practitioner who uses energy medicine (Rife Technology) to treat disease.  I put my fate in his hands and started his therapy.  It was intensive - time consuming and physically draining.  My treatment was completed almost a month ago after the lyme disease was eradicated.  No symptoms have re-occurred.  Please share this post if you know of someone who is suffering from lyme disease and is wanting an alternate option.  I'm more than happy to speak to anyone about my experience.  Thank you Don Baker at ReVibrancy.  You delivered as promised.

Andy Kim

In Fall of 2008, my good friend Andy Kim approached me and asked if there way anything I could do to save his 10 year old niece Anna who was dying of a rare form of cancer and was given months to live with an inoperable tumor on the portal vein of the liver. Her liver had been completely destroyed from western medicine’s aggressive chemo and radiation therapies and she was in dire need of a transplant which was not going to happen unless the tumour shrunk. Anna was given a 0% chance of living past 2 months.

Using a Tibetan healing meditation technique that employed a Tibetan bowl frequency and utilized a visualization technique combined with an Ojibwa Tea recipe called Essiac (the name of the nurse spelled backward who was given the recipe) we were successful in shrinking a 3 inch in diameter tumor to a mass the size of a small piece of unpopped pop-corn. Anna then qualified for a liver transplant and received the transplant within weeks of the cancer being alleviated by Don Baker and his holistic approach.

Anna is now a 22 year old Dean’s List University Graduate from McGill and thriving in her life!

Jim Tucker


A highly successful 73 year old business man and entrepreneur from Newfoundland, Canada was diagnosed with an Aggressive Multiple Myeloma cancer in 2015 and given no chance of living past 2 months. At the request of Jim I started a customized and well researched Rife Treatment Protocol that I delivered to him while he was in a bed ridden palliative state. Jim was un-compliant and somewhat unwilling to do any other companion holistic treatments including cessation of his smoking. He totally trusted me with the rife machine and had a strong desire and will to live. Within three months of treatment Jim was back on his feet even returning to work in a semi retired state including driving cars to destination points for auto trade dealers.

Jim has maintained his western medicine relationship with his Oncologist who is still confused as to how Jim’s cancer had become undetectable. Because Jim had not made complete lifestyle changes his cancer returned when his treatment schedule was reduced due to visits back home and hectic schedules. Even so, Jim had an extra 2 years of full quality of life where he completed many of his bucket list items.

Norman B. Ratner

Most of my life, I've had asthma problems and in the last year, it accelerated to where I had to use a medical inhaler every four hours.  The side effects are terrible, but I couldn't breath without it.  After only three weeks of treatment by Don Baker, I'm now asthma free and breathing like a well conditioned athlete.  My doctor is amazed and I'm beyond grateful.  I now trust Don with all of my health issues in complete confidence that I'm in good hands. 

Yolanda San

Yolanda presented to me in spring of 2017 with an advanced case of Lyme Disease coupled with almost every co-infection and parasitic invasion possible with a Lyme case. She had just returned from an unsuccessful 15 week long intensive $100,000 treatment protocol at the best Lyme Treatment Center in the United States.  While the treatment reduced some brain infection and the subsequent swelling, the treatment was unsuccessful at eradicating the disease and the incredible number of co-infections which included: babesia, bartonella (11 different strains), Morgellons, Rope Worm, Round Worm, Candida (from the extreme antibiotic therapy….

Yolanda was referred to me by the top herbalist and Avitar Diagnostic Operator in Canada. After having 100% successfully treated many prior Lyme Disease clients I was very confident we could successfully treat her through an intensive Rife and supportive herbal protocol.

After a very focused and custom tailored therapy plan we were able to see a 100% successful treatment of Yolanda’s Lyme Disease and related co infections. Yolanda is continuing to self treat her candida and re-strengthen and rebuild her immune system based on the dietary and energetic healing approaches that I showed her during her treatments. My goal with all clients is to educate them to the full extent so they can pursue a healthy lifestyle on their own.

Robbie Gibson

Having been born with a cleft pallet and losing total sight Robbie had presented to me in spring of 2017 with Prostate Cancer as indicated from his western medicine physician who tested Robbie and found a prostate with severe hyperplasia and a PSA test of 4.7.

Robbie opted for a holistic health approach of diet of no sugar, no gluten, no starches, herbal supplements, and Essiac Tea.

Within one month of dietary changes and herbal support along with 3 Rife Treatments, Robbie was retested with a normal sized prostate and 3.7 on his PSA test. We are applying a slow and steady approach with substantial life style changes and fully expect his PSA numbers to drop to a negligible amount.

Michelle Walc

My experience with Don was transformational.  He came in to my life at a time when I needed an expert to help me out with health issues. I have been reading books, watching videos, doing yoga, but it still wasn’t enough.  I was confused and I needed an expert to really understand what exactly was going on.  Talking to Don was like talking to an old friend, his insight was so accurate, and his understanding of what I needed completely resonated with me.  He expanded my consciousness, and provided me with the understanding and necessary tools I needed to continue on my path.  Don has a natural ability to figure out what a person is going through and what a person needs.  He explains it with a kindness and sensitivity which elicits a very trusting relationship.  I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with Don.

Deb French

Don Baker came into my life at a much needed time, as my partner had just been diagnosed with Cancer in 3 parts of his body. At almost 70 years of age he would not have done well with Radiation and Chemo and the Oncologists didn’t give him very much time even if the treatments were effective. What Don Baker did for him was both spiritual and therapeutic. His Rife treatments proved effective when a full scan was done 3 months into his treatments and showed shrinking tumors.

Don’s gentle and spiritual inspiration kept my partner calm and confident in the decision he had made even though he knew from the start it would be an uphill battle all the way, it was much better mentally and physically than going through traditional treatments.

We visited Don’s practice several times a week at first until daily visits seemed unnecessary and Don would go out of his way to accommodate us at our home. We called him our Shaman. Don gave us many links to follow on line and helped us understand the battle being fought. Diet and eating habits were drastically changed at Don’s recommendation. He had many tools in his healing process… some difficult to swallow, others very logical.

Unfortunately we were too late in getting a diagnosis and starting our healing process and after 3 months of quality care with Don’s gentle hands, my partner succumbed to his disease and passed away at home with family surrounding him, not hooked up to tubes and monitors in a stark hospital bed.

I have often seen Don Baker work with others who had health issues and he has helped put many people back on track and healed many different ailments.

Don was a gentle giant when we needed one. He kept us positive and helped us prepare for a possible end of life. Probably for the first time in a long time we were both inspired by spirituality and embraced the inevitable, should it come to that sooner rather than later.

Thank you, Don, for being in our lives. As long as I live, you will be a cherished friend as well as a great humanitarian.


In loving memory of Regis J. Trudell

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